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 How to Make Money on Mobsters

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PostSubject: How to Make Money on Mobsters   Sat Feb 20, 2010 11:45 am

Mobsters leaves a lot of choices in the hands of the player including the option of investing versus spending your cash for some firepower. The best strategy when starting on a fresh mobsters account is to quickly buy a crowbar for $300. You will have 10 energy and now have the chance to run the Residential Burglary mission. This mission will yield $800-1200 per run.

After running this mission 3 times your cash should now be at about $5000 depending on the payouts you received. This will give you enough cash to buy 1x Pump Action Shotgun as well as 1x .38 Special. This is a great starting position in Myspace Mobsters for three reasons. [1] When you just create your account other level 1 players will try to take advantage of your unarmed character and beat you down repeatedly. [2] You now have the requirements necessary for completing the Convenience Store Robbery which is definitely the best source of income when you are first starting out. [3] You are now stronger than most other beginning mobsters who are barely armed and can choose to fight other players while you wait for your energy to recharge.
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How to Make Money on Mobsters
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